My 5 Year Goal Plan

I love 5 year goal plans! Here is how they work and why they work.

I wanted to write about the 5 year plan because I have been wanting to create some changes in my life. Not huge like remove or add people or move homes, but things I can do that will keep my family stable & secure while adding more happiness, purpose, self-worth & health into my life.

I’m tired of my depression leading my life as I have allowed it to lately. This is not healthy for me emotionally, mentally, & physically. So I HAVE to create change… changes I know that I control & changes that I can realistically maintain.

As I discuss as part of the process in the 5 year goal plan post, I had to think about happiness, what it looks like to me and how I see happiness in my life. I had to think about what am I doing everyday? Who am I seeing? What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What will others see different in me?

In 5 years, I will be 40. I don’t think of that as old but it is definitely a number that makes me think a lot about my life. As I am getting older and have put my body (physically & mentally) through so much, I need to create a life that makes me healthy and whole. I want to live a long life and enjoy my grandkids. I don’t want to be in my 60’s, 70’s or even 80’s and have difficulty moving around. I’m already feeling the effects of aging (along with stress) and I’m not loving some of it!

Here is what I came up with:

My new goals by 40-
-more of a vegetarian lifestyle (my family is not happy about this)… even if not full vegetarian, at least a lot healthier diet
-essentials oils used more… daily! And possibly become a seller (
-incorporate yoga into my life every day -teaching, practicing, living, being
-successful blog

A problem I have though is I need to find what keeps me motivated. It is really hard for me to stay on the path even when I know it’s what I truly want and will be happy with… thanks depression & distorted thought process!

So as I mentioned in the 5 year plan post, I will break it down into reasonable steps to help me stay motivated. Starting with small changes that are simple until they become habit and then move onto the next steps. I don’t have a timeline for these steps but I know I want to reach my goals in 5 years.

Here are my goals broken down into steps:

What I can do everyday right now starting today:
-eat healthier, read about vegetarian diets
-write for my blogs and for myself (journaling)
-yoga and stretching 3x’s a week

Then (let’s say by 6 months):
-continue writing & doing yoga at least 3x’s a week
-find vegetarian recipes to start cooking
-buy more essential oils, learn more about their use & begin using them daily (I didn’t put this in my first step because I want to first focus on the vegetarian diet… I don’t want to put too much on my plate at once)

Then (I want to be here by year 3) :
-replace meat in diet & cooking more vegetarian foods/meals
-continue essential oil use, adding more & learning more
-continue yoga & writing (daily at this point)
-look for places to get my YTT (yoga teacher training- even if I don’t teach, I want to do this for me)

-continue all: vegetarian diet, using essential oils daily, continuously adding to my stock of essential oils, yoga & writing daily (or at least 5x’s a week)
-possibly become an essential oil seller
-complete YTT

Let’s see how this turns out! Follow me along My Journey or just come back in a five years and see where I’m at. I hope & plan to have completed my goals but I also know I have to enjoy the journey so I cannot obsess over them or allow myself to get down, feel guilty, or be too hard on myself when my path might be leading me elsewhere in life.

I know to some these might not seem like huge life altering changes. But to me, I believe they will create changes that bring me happiness. My 5 year plan when I was 30 had bigger things on it so I didn’t need to do as big of changes this time around. It’s all just a matter of where you’re at in your life and where you’re wanting to be. Some years we might need to make huge changes while others smaller ones.

If you have a 5 year plan I’d love to hear it and we can keep in touch on the progress!

Hey there! I’m the creator and author at The Balanced Elephant. Through my passion, knowledge and training in yoga, meditation & marriage & family therapy I know we can create a healthier lifestyle even during the difficult times in life. I love to help others learn to live mindfully to be able to live in the present moment (good or bad) and to find balance of the whole self through the body and the mind.

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