People will frequently ask various things about b.e. and me (Haeli) so I decided to put together this questions and answers section to help others that might be wondering the same things and to hopefully answer any other questions you might have.

If there is something I haven’t addressed please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Q- What is The Balanced Elephant?

A- Besides being an amazing site to help us achieve our goals of learning how to manage stress, finding stress management skills as well as learning why & how mindfulness, meditation and yoga can help us to live more mindfully, enjoy being in the moment, being ourselves and actually living our lives…

The balanced elephant is an actual yoga pose. Well sort of. It is really called Eka Hasta Bhujasana (Eh-kah Ha-stah Boo-JAS-ah-nah) or Elephants Trunk Pose which basically means a one hand arm pose. This arm balance yoga pose requires strength for balance and once in the pose it looks like an elephants trunk. You can read more about the elephant’s trunk yoga pose here.

Q- Did you name it The Balanced Elephant because of this yoga pose?

A- No. I had actually forgotten about this yoga pose until researching for the company. I was excited when I realized that there was this link though because how perfect is that? Part of what b.e. is about is finding ourselves and ways to live more balanced and mindful through yoga.

Q- What’s with the name The Balanced Elephant then?

A- This would be one of the most asked question I get. After deciding what the main goal was of what I wanted to do through this site and how I wanted to help others I knew that balance had to be included. We need balance in (almost) all things in our lives. It’s about balancing the negatives and the positives, the work life and the home life, balancing taking care of ourselves while caring for others, as well as finding balance in our diets, exercise, financials and more.

We have to have balance in our lives or we will find it difficult to be present, live in the moment and to just … b.e.

Q- Why choose the elephant?

A- To go with the “what’s with the name” question comes why I chose the elephant. The better question is why not? Besides flamingos… I love flamingos too. But the elephant holds many significant meanings in different cultures and to me it is a majestic animal. It has been around in stories, art, mythology and so much more for millions of years. While mostly positive and uplifting symbolism the elephant does carry some negative meaning as well… but this is just reiterating the point above, it’s all about balance.

Some of the positive symbols and meanings of the elephant include:

  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Divine knowledge
  • Good luck
  • Power & leadership
  • Endurance
  • Devotion

There are so many meanings and symbolism elephants carry throughout the world in different cultures & religions as well as in our dreams & homes. You can read more about these things here (coming soon) if you are interested.

Q- Who are you?

A- As you read on the About page, my name is Haeli. I am a creator, supporter, lover, pessimistic, yogi, Vata, deep thinker and mover. I’m a lot more… we all are! How do we put who we are in one page?

In short…

I am a mom to 4 kids (2 bio & 2 step… currently ages 11-14) & I’m a wife to a widower, an Army veteran & an extremely handsome man! I love family & am very close to mine.

My life used to be all about dance back in the day. I taught dance at studios & coached dance teams in high schools. I had to leave that world though. I miss it a lot & it took quite some time to figure out my life without it.

I started doing yoga just after high school. I practiced on and off for many years and later came to realize it’s actually a way of life for me & something that has helped me through very difficult times. I am now doing more training and working towards my YTT (yoga teaching certificate).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Studies and a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. I love those subjects but it’s hard for me to do therapy full time because that’s a lot of time sitting in an office! I need more movement in my everyday life.

I also have severe major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder and take medication for both. Oh and I’m on medication for my heart because when I delivered my last baby (11 years ago) I had peripartumcardiomyopathy. I got better but then started having problems again.

So that’s me in a nutshell 🙂

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy b.e. It is here to be a guide for those needing to find ways to manage stress & find stress relief – to learn more about meditation & how meditation can help our lives – to create a mindful lifestyle to be able to be present & live in the moment – and to gain more knowledge about yoga, how to do yoga & why it’s beneficial to living a healthier life.