About b.e.

Hi there! I’m Haeli… the creator and author behind The Balanced Elephant or just b.e.

Are you like me and thousands of other people out there wanting to create a more mindful way of living to be able to:

Stress Management

1- decrease stress in your life?

2- manage the stress you do have?

3- learn stress management skills to have a more satisfactory level of living?


4- manage and become more aware of your thoughts?

5- create a healthier way of living mentally?

6- learn how to live with intent and live in the moment?


7- find ways to relax your mind and body?

8- become more in tune with and connect your body and mind?

9- learn how to take control of your mind?

If you answered “yes!” to any of those questions then you are in the right place.

I love finding healthier ways of living and while I love physical health, I have found that through my struggles in life (both physically and mentally) which have included heart problems, divorce, money hardships, being a single mother, graduate school, career choices, relationship problems, parenting, custody battles, years in court, blending families and on and on…

My body AND my mind were slowly deteriorating.

My stress levels were all over the place and at an all time high. Not only did I have to start taking medication for my mental health on top of the medication for my physical health, my mind and my body were giving up.

I was now getting sick all of the time, felt unstable emotionally and mentally, and unable to handle the smallest amounts of stress. I knew I was taking years off of my life. I couldn’t live like this any longer and had to start making lifestyle changes.

With degrees in human development and marriage & family therapy and a love for yoga, I knew I could figure out a way to become healthier inside and out. I started learning more about self care, stress management, mindfulness and the best of all… meditation!

Now…   I’m here for you!

Maybe you…

-have no clue how to even start managing your stress.

-need help learning how to become more aware of your thoughts and to be in control of your thoughts instead of them controlling you.

– want to live in the now! You want to take control of your life and find ways to connect your mind and your body to live with purpose… not just letting life slip by.

It’s time to take control. Take control of YOU!
You are in charge of yourself. You get to decide what you do with you. 

To do that and to create a healthier way of living mindfully I want to help you! I know what the lows of all lows can feel like and I can’t even imagine things others have been through but I do know that these things can damage us. They damage our bodies and our minds.

It’s about learning how to live in balance … taking care of the whole self.

Self care & mindful living is becoming more and more important than ever as our society is becoming more fast paced, living in a hustle & bustle world as we have constant & instant entertainment in some form or another for our minds…

We need to learn how to block out the noise. We need to learn how to balance our lives and to just b.e.

We can do this through mindful living, decreasing and managing our stress, meditation and yoga (my favorite!) … All of which you will find here on The Balanced Elephant.

Let us journey together in creating a more mindful way of living to take back control of our lives.

I truly appreciate you being here and invite you to join my email community. By signing up you will get tips and advice on how you can live a healthier life for both your body and your mind in addition to supportive and uplifting messages. You’re not in this alone… let’s do this together!